About Us

About Us
Chris Mueller, John Pleasnick, Nigel Shailer

For decades, we've been involved in training men for ministry.  In recent years, we've had the privilege of doing that together at Faith Bible Church in Murrieta, CA.  At our church, we are the primary instructors at the Training Center, a church-based institute that equips men for ministry in the local church.

By God's grace, our fifth group of Training Center men graduated from year three in May 2019.  We stand amazed at the fruit God has borne over the years in this ministry.

Every year, and almost every month, pastors, seminarians and elders from other churches come and visit us to talk about what we do and to sit in and watch as we meet with 15-25 men, equipping them for a life of ministry.  As we talk, we tend to be asked the same questions by those visiting.  That fact is what drove the creation of Train the Church, our podcast on training men.

Wouldn't it be great if we could have more targeted conversations by recording some of these foundational topics in advance?!

The podcast is/was for them.  But even if you never come visit, we hope these conversations about training men stir you up to excel still more in equipping men for the work of ministry (Eph 4:11-16).